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Wed, May 23, 2018
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 I have a house for rent - by House Owner
The room I have:

- Location: Cedar Rapids, IA
- Date Available: 10/24/2007
- Monthly Rental: $400
- Floor Level: 1st Floor
- Contract: No
- Deposit: $400
- Private Bathroom: 1.0
- Kitchen: Yes
- Furnished: Yes
- Flooring: Carpet
- Room Size: 200 - 300 Sq. Ft.
- Room Condition: Fair
- Total Bedrooms In The House: 3
- Utilities Included: None
My preferred roommate:

- Gender: doesn't matter
- Age: doesn't matter
- Ethnicity: doesn't matter
- Smoke: doesn't matter
- Drink: doesn't matter
- Quiet: doesn't matter
- Pet: doesn't matter
- Occupation: doesn't matter
- Usually Get Up At: doesn't matter
- Usually Sleep At: doesn't matter
- Hobbies: Doeson"t matter

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Additional Note:

How as it been with you?My name is Kevin Oscar.I am in my early age of 50s and I am an European . I come to the states often mostly for business purposes because I deal mostly in ceramics. I supply Synthetic Electro fused Mulligan,Refractory Bonds,High Purity Bonds (HP B) and ceramics to stores in the States and Europe . It's my family business because we are from England.You can get more information on our website (

I bought a house last year in CEDAR RAPIDS because i love it there.It is with a loving neighborhood.Unfortunately since my father passed away last year, i have been having to go and take care of the family business back in Kent,England and i realized that it's turning out to be very difficult to supply goods to my clients again in the United states while am away and it will definitely cost me lot to come over to receive payments because they usually pay mostly in Certified checks or money orders......i am presently working on setting up a branch in the States but for now I'm hoping on meeting responsible Americans that is willing to work with me as one of our American representative that helps receive payments from our customers and clients in the States on my behalf. Every of my representatives works from home without affecting his/her present job if they have any at hand.So what i intend doing is that i am looking for some one to stay at my House free,But Maintenance's Needed.I donut want to sell the house because i just bought it and i will have all the rest papers by October but i have all the keys now.I am simply looking for someone that is honest and trustworthy and clean for two reasons.....

1.To maintain the house when i am away..
2.Keep the sounddings clean always...

I would like to inform you that my house would be available for 1 year and i would like to let you know that its for $400 including the maintainence fee too....If you want i can email you more pictures on the house,but this what the outside look like...And if you are interested i will send the keys to you via courier so you can go and see the house.It is a very lovely house and there is no way you wouldn't like it because it is in a cool environment.If you are interested in handling my business in the state and keeping the house neat, please send me your

Zip Code.................
CELL PHONE #................

Thanks and Have a nice day.

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