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Thu, February 21, 2019
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 newly separated male seeks a quiet room for rent
The room I need:

- Location: Hot Springs, AR
- Date Available: 12/01/2017
- Monthly Rental: $250
- Floor Level: doesn't matter
- Contract: doesn't matter
- Deposit: doesn't matter
- Private Bathroom: doesn't matter
- Kitchen: Yes
- Furnished: doesn't matter
- Flooring: doesn't matter
- Room Size: doesn't matter
- Room Condition: Fair
- Total Bedrooms In The House/Apt.: doesn't matter
- Utilities Included: Gas, Heat, Hot Water, Electric
My preferred roommate:

- Gender: doesn't matter
- Age: doesn't matter
- Ethnicity: doesn't matter
- Smoke: doesn't matter
- Drink: doesn't matter
- Quiet: Yes
- Pet: doesn't matter
- Occupation: doesn't matter
- Usually Get Up At: doesn't matter
- Usually Sleep At: doesn't matter
- Hobbies: Doeson"t matter

   Last Modified: 11/26/2017 14:10:26
Additional Note:

I am a newly separated man looking for a room to rent. I have been married for 20 years but we have decided to separate and remain friends. I would prefer a quiet place to rent but will rent any available room if the price is within my means. I am 44 years old and have 3 children(all grown and living on their own). I will not have any company that visits me that I know as of right now. I\\\\\\\'m a clean person and clean up after myself. I am also very handy as in fixing utilities, autos,small engines, painting,etc. I have no criminal record nor driving record. I smoke and drink occasionally. Please contact me to discuss your requirements and price.

Thank you,
Colin Nady

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