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Fri, February 15, 2019
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 Second chance - Room for smalll dog and I
The room I need:

- Location: Richardson, TX
- Date Available: 06/26/2017
- Monthly Rental: $500
- Floor Level: doesn't matter
- Contract: doesn't matter
- Deposit: doesn't matter
- Private Bathroom: doesn't matter
- Kitchen: doesn't matter
- Furnished: Yes
- Flooring: doesn't matter
- Room Size: doesn't matter
- Room Condition: Fair
- Total Bedrooms In The House: 1
- Utilities Included: Gas, Heat, Hot Water, Electric
My preferred roommate:

- Gender: doesn't matter
- Age: Over 40
- Ethnicity: doesn't matter
- Smoke: No
- Drink: No
- Quiet: Yes
- Pet: Yes
- Occupation: N/A
- Usually Get Up At: doesn't matter
- Usually Sleep At: doesn't matter
- Hobbies: Doeson"t matter

   Last Modified: 06/27/2017 00:28:05
Additional Note:

second chance,

Hello, I am a single white male, 56 years old, clean cut, non-drinker, non-smoker, no drugs, clean up after myself. I do have small pug mix, she is 7 years old and house trained. Please help us stay together. My wife died from cancer and I don't date much. I had a house for 15 years and shared it with an older lady who was my mother in law. She is now 74 years old. We got along great. She was like family to me. I did have some problems with my local HOA. It started when I had some Hackberry trees cut down that were planted to close to the house. I was attached at one of the neighborhood block parties by the chief of the HOA and blamed for it. I took a plea and now I am on Deferred adjudication This happen almost 4 years ago. I have had no other problems since. I had to sell my house and I have been renting almost 2 years now. I would like to stay in Richardson, Garland, Dallas county. Please help me find a long term safe place for CeCe and I. Thanks. Steve

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